They and can be raised for their fur, meat, or as pets. Due to their long, thick fur, French Angoras are particularly susceptible to “wool block,” and need to be brushed regularly (often every day) to prevent digestive problems from self-grooming. If you want your children to learn as they grow, there is no way more perfect for doing so than getting them their very own pet! This list of rabbit breeds contains the most popular and prevalent rabbit … Through patience and love, owners soon see their true personality bloom — though small children aren't advised to take care of them. The Holland Lop lifespan is 5 to 7 years. SHARE ON: Rob Henry — July 6, 2019. This rabbit breed is relatively easy to care for. Breed standards in the British Rabbit Council limit these rabbits to an adult weight of just 2.5 pounds. This type of rabbit likes to be snuggled, which makes it one of the best types of rabbits for pets. Best Rabbit Breeds For Meat Production. These Dog Breeds Are the Most Intelligent, Experts Say, 25 Quotes Only Cat Owners Will Understand, 12 Best Homemade Dog Treats to Make for Your Pup, 10 Large Cat Breeds That Would Be the Purr-fect Addition to Your Home, Yes, Some Dogs Need Sunscreen — These Are the Best Formulas, isn't recommended for young children or seniors, Your Complete Guide to Dealing With Oily Skin, 15 Miniature Dog Breeds That Are Just Too Cute, After Adopting Our 18-Year-Old Son, Our Family Was Complete. It thrives best outdoors with ample space and hay. It is not as simple as that because there are so many rabbit breeds that you can choose from. This dog is not built to run or jog and should not be forced to do so. Record-holding Flemish Giants have weighed up to 22 pounds and been more than 4 feet long. Rex Rabbit’s biggest appeal is his fur. There are some breeds that have a low meat-to-bone ration and could only grow to medium size, around 4 kilograms but with a nice rabbit meat quality. Here is a list of the most popular pet rabbit breeds, all of these breeds are perfectly suitable as pets for children! inspected frequently for any signs of illness, and get an annual checkup with a They are small to medium sized. The breed of rabbit that is considered to taste the best is the Silver Fox. 1) New Zealand Whites. Originating from France, the Blanc de Hotot can easily be spotted by its "black eyeliner" that contrasts the rest of its white body. New Zealand Whites. Netherland Dwarves do not need any special food or diet, but all rabbits need access to clean water, fresh hay, and nutritious food pellets. 10 Best Meat Rabbit Breeds Champagne D Argent Himalayan rabbits have one of the most beautiful fur coats out there – white with dark colored extremities. Lop breeds should also have regular nail trimming so that they don’t accidentally scratch their ears as they move around. The active rabbit requires a lot of time outside its cage to run around and can be hard to keep up with. Make sure you like and follow the Instagram accounts below for more great bunny pictures and videos. Lop breeds are susceptible to wax buildup in their ears, which should be inspected and cleaned regularly. Flemish Giant rabbits do not need any special food or diet, but, due to their size, they need larger quantities of food. Selena Barrientos covers entertainment and celebrity news for Good Housekeeping. Netherland Dwarf. The American rabbit is a medium to large breed, that weighs 10-12 pounds. English Lops do not need any special food or diet, but all rabbits need access to clean water, fresh hay, and nutritious food pellets. Like any rabbit, With so many breeds of rabbits, so many colors, types of furs, and sizes to choose from, how can you decide which race is best as a pet? The full grown doe will be about 9-12 lbs while the buck will be 8-10 lbs. The Holland Lop is not prone to any specific diseases or health problems, but lop rabbits do need special care and attention paid to their ears. They are relatively curious and energetic and are fun to play with. Like many rabbit breeds, Flemish Giants are prone to chew, but because they are bigger, they can do more damage, so healthy chew toys and good rabbit-proofing is particularly important. Weighing in at about 13 pounds, a Checkered Giant is an ideal pet for couples or seniors looking for a companion. They need lots of room for exercise and are intelligent enough to be trained to do some tricks and play games. Top 15 Best Pet Rabbit Breeds. These large docile rabbits that do not mind being handled making them easy to manage. The Harlequin rabbits have short, soft fur with dramatic bands of contrasting colors in dramatic shades. It has a great demand around the world. Like any rabbit, the English Lop will enjoy the occasional treat. Another great choice for apartment tenants, this small rabbit weighs about three pounds and can live up to 10 years. They generally weigh between 1.2 and 1.7 kg. Rabbit meat is a very common item for consumption across the world. All Related Reads: Comes in many different colors. ivan_7316Getty Images. Like any rabbit, the Harlequin Rabbit will enjoy an occasional treat. They are highly fur and meat productive. VIEWS. Netherland Because they are so small, food portions should be smaller than with larger rabbits. Best Pet Rabbit Breeds Some rabbits are friendlier, others have a nice hair coat color or require special care and different bunnies grow to different sizes and shapes when at maturity. They also have a beautiful appearance - a sleek, White body with a dark nose and dark ears. given ample exercise and interaction, French Angoras are friendly, sweet, Females produce large kittens and have excellent mothering instincts, so this breed is ideal for adding to your farm when raising rabbits for meat. Like any rabbit, the French Angora enjoys an occasional treat. With some basic attention to food, housing, and rabbit-proofed safe places, they are fairly low maintenance and extremely enjoyable pets. Rabbit breeds come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities, which can make picking the right one overwhelming. The Dutch rabbit breed is not prone to any specific diseases or health problems, but rabbits should always be observed for behavioral changes that indicate illness, inspected frequently for any signs of illness, and get an annual checkup with a veterinarian who knows rabbits.

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